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The plumbing in your home is something you use literally every day. The extent to which we all use water makes plumbing systems among the most important systems in all of our homes. That also means it’s all the more noticeable when something goes wrong.

If all or just part of your plumbing needs to be replaced, the time it takes for the repairs to be done can seem to drag on forever while your family has to go without water.

However, if you live in the Surrey, Maple Ridge, South Surrey, Langley, Coquitlam, and Port Coquitlam areas and you need any plumbing components replaced, you can call Dalton Home Improvements and have any replacement or necessary repairs done quickly, efficiently and correctly. We promise to make your plumbing replacement as quick and painless an experience as possible.

We provide full plumbing services including but not limited to:



Replace Old Piping

Move Existing Piping

Undermount Sinks

Shower installs

Install Jets

Plumbing Services

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