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Electrical Services

Lets just put it this way, the only thing restricting your electrical install project is your imagination. You could install receptacles for outdoor holiday lighting (under eves, near doors and windows), How about install multiple receptacles in the area where cell phones and PDAs will wind up in the evenings so the chargers can be plugged in. This could even be in a cabinet.

Install extra receptacles in the bathrooms so that shavers, curling irons, and blow dryers can be left plugged in rather than having frantic plugging and unplugging going on every day - ESPECIALLY important if you have several young ladies in the house.

Ever be left pondering why on earth the bed ends up in a special spot, its generally the one that winds up being centered behind a headboard that winds up with several lights, clocks, electric blanket, etc. etc., all hooked up with extension cords? Why  not place receptacles in bedrooms, living room, and family room areas so you have to disassemble beds or furniture to access the receptacle?

Those were just some examples of things to consider for your next project with Dalton Home Improvements.

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